During the spring and early summer of 1971 Brys briefly renewed a passing acquaintance with the American singer Jim Morrison in Paris. Prior to his death Morrison had an apartment in the rue Beautreilles off the southern side off the Place des Vosges where they had met. Brys was sketching there and although he had met Morrison in America several years before and briefly in London and at the Isle of Wight festival he did not initially recognize him. He had assumed that Morrison was one of the derelicts who still take shelter under the colonnades of the Place des Vosges. They struck up a desultory relationship with Brys taking Morrison on occasional tours of The Louvre and other galleries. They discussed mainly painting, common acquaintances in music and sometimes literature. Brys was not by then overly keen to engage with Morrisons evening social life and several times excused himself from an invitation with an untruth.

The existence of a number of pencil and wash drawings of Morrison in the Place des Vosges, Brysí studio and the bar are however still in the personal collection of Huw Brys and were catalogued for the abortive Retrospective Exhibition.

The now owner of a local cafe frequented by both regularly tells the story of how one afternoon Brys had drawn a portrait of her and both he and Morrison had signed it and tried to trade it for the bill. She refused and they had paid and gave her the drawing before leaving. The drawing was put behind the till for safe keeping and later that evening, when she took it up before leaving, she found that the then owner, a Mr Renaud, had torn it in half to write an address and directions for a tourist customer. The tourist had gone of with Jim Morrisonís autograph, Huw Brysí signature and the lower half of her face, never to be seen again. She claims to have kept the top half of the drawing as a keepsake but has not to date produced it.